Shared support is an ideal for customer where their IT infrastructure is not large enough to justify a dedicated resource,
but at the same time it is essential that IT is taken care of unhindered employee productivity as well as implement Organizational IT Practices and Processes that are fundamental for Business Success.


  • Ticketing tool incident management

  • 1st Level Hardware Break Fix Support

  • Troubleshooting OS & Standard End User Application

  • Vendor Coordination (ISP/HW Vendors) and follow-up for resolution

  • Updating of AV, O/S & Standard Desktop Applications*

  • IT Asset Management

  • Facilitate Backup of critical business data

  • Basic Network Element Support

  • Basic Server Support

  • Recommend & Help implement best security practices

  • Reports and Reviews


  • (i) Reduced time wastage of your non IT Staff (users) towards fixing of IT infra issues

  • (ii) Cost savings compared to having a dedicated resource

  • (iii) Better utilization of resource & IT Infrastructure

  • (iv) Building foundation of best standards for future scale & growth

  • (v) Improvement end user experience